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Shakti Temple Arts

Halo Seronko



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Shakti Temple Arts

Shakti Temple Arts is an international and online school of Tantra Yoga, Temple Dance and the Taoist Feminine Arts.  This tapestry of lineages weaves together in an integral and comprehensive system that yields profound results of feminine embodied awakening on all levels of being, from the physical to the spiritual. The devotional offering of Temple Dance, the sensual energy cultivation of the Taoist Feminine Arts, and the profound inner union of Tantra Yoga are all streams for returning to the potency of the essential self in wholeness, union, and divine ecstasy. 


Shakti Temple Arts offers these teachings online and in international retreats, workshops and immersions with the mission to bring the essence of Temple, the sacred and mystical, to students from all walks of life. 


The lens of Tantra is the foundational philosophy of Shakti Temple Arts. There is a deep planetary calling to awaken to the primordial force that lives within each of us, and surrounds all of us: The spark of life that is Shakti. Shakti literally translates to power; power aligned with love. As the mother energy She is the energy of creation, sustenance and dissolution of the unreal. When we begin to awaken to and cultivate this great force of the Goddess within us, we are lead through our very humanity to the experience of divine union with supreme consciousness, represented in the Tantric system by Her consort Shiva. As this inner alchemy takes place we begin to blossom into the flower of humanities potential; cosmic wisdom manifest in the grace and beauty of form.

As we unearth maps to awakening, cultivating, and exalting this powerful feminine force that guides us towards our liberation, we are entering into the realm of the great mystery. We begin to navigate life through Her cycles, rituals, and qualities. We access Her through the powerful portals of our wombs, hearts, and minds allowing ourselves to bloom from our depths. As She reveals Herself to us we naturally take to the path of the Priestess, a path of service to and tending of the beauty of LIFE. In this way Shakti transforms the world through us.


Shakti Temple Arts serves as a container for seeding, growing and blossoming this remembrance and awakening. Through these time-tested lineages of embodiment, consciousness, health and beauty practices, Shakti Temple Arts offers keys to unlocking the soul's yearning for communion with and expression of its innate divinity in THIS life, and in THIS body. 


Temple is a vessel for God/Goddess, be it an ancient architectural structure, or our very bodies, breath and consciousness. Temple is a way of life that acknowledges the sacred in all that is, and offers reverence and awe in the form of beauty and the cultivation of awareness.

Welcome to the Temple Beloved...
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Shakti Temple Arts

Halo Seronko

Halo Seronko is a teacher of feminine embodied awakening who brings a deep wisdom and love of lineage and tradition onto the dynamic stage of the modern world. Halo has been teaching Tantra, Temple Dance and the Taoist Feminine Arts since 2013.  In 2015 she founded the online and international school Shakti Temple Arts.


She has led multiple international retreats including Tantra of Temple Dance in Guatemala, Path of the Mystica in Greece, Sublime Shakti Pilgrimage in India and day long immersions in Australia, Italy, India, Costa Rica and the USA.


She has created two rich online courses into the Taoist Feminine Arts and the Divine Realms of Tantra and has initiated hundreds of women into these profound paths.


Halo has been passionate about the place where embodiment and spirit meet for as long as she can remember. This passion has led her on a profound path of study, practice, pilgrimage and teaching.


Her first teacher in embodiment arts was her father Willow Seronko who introduced her to Taoism, Tai Chi and Qigong from the ripe age of 14. Since then she has never ceased her seeking and development in the sacred arts. Halo has lived between the holy land of India and the USA since 2010. In her journeys she has sat at the feet of many masters and received initiation into both the Kaishmir Shaivist and Sri Vidya lineages of Tantra through Agama Yoga in 2011 and Devipuram in 2014. She continues to study and practice in the Kaula and Sri Vidya systems of Tantra under the guidance of her teacher Nita Rubio. 

With dance as a central part of her journey, Halo has trained countless hours in a Classical Indian Dance form born of the Temples of East India called Odissi. She has studied under the lineage of Guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra with the legendary Sujata Mohapatra and her disciples Colleena Shakti, Sonali Mishra and Revital Carroll. Her first guru was Padma Charan Dehury. Halo was part of the sacred dance troupe Dakini Rose Devadasi directed by Monique Trinity Rose for many years which presented classical and contemporary sacred dance theater featuring Tribal and Indian Fusion Belly Dance as well as Odissi.  Most recently Halo has been diving into Central Asian dance with her teacher Miriam Peretz. These experiences have infused her development of what she coined Shakti Temple Dance, a weaving of sacred dance lineages from the East.


During her time living, teaching, and studying at the Dakini Rose Gardens and Temple she was also initiated into the 13 Moon Mystery School under its founder Ariel Spilsbury and into the Tantric Dance of the Sacred Feminine by Loraia Ward, a student of Vajra Ma who birthed the original Tantric Dance of Feminine Power®. 


After over a decade as a practitioner and student of yoga, Halo officially received a Yoga Alliance certification as an E-RYT 200 Tantra Yoga teacher in 2018 from Satya Loka School of Traditional Tantra and Yoga. She is now offering continuing education as a registered YACEP for yoga teachers interested in a more traditional and authentic approach through her programs. 


All of these threads weave into her unique flavor of teaching, building a bridge from the mundane to the mystical for all who attend her courses.

Om Parashaktyai Namah!

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Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
— Rumi
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