About Womb Temple

Womb Temple Feminine Arts are the arts of being a sacred, tuned-in and fully expressed Womban in all of Her glory. Womb Temple is the Temple of Her, the Great Goddess who exists in all things, and who is the Living Goddess within every woman as Her wisdom, Her wildness, Her passion, Her pleasure, Her rage, Her despair, Her love…

This is the Temple of intuition; of the sacred unbounded magnetic feminine. Womb Temple holds the keys to unlocking the great Mystery through the Temple of the Womb. While women have been coerced over centuries to become more and more masculine, we have learned to navigate life through the head, and many of us have turned off, or completely forgotten about, our deepest oracular wisdom contained within our very wombs.

In Womb Temple we re-attune to our innate wisdom and connection to Her through the womb. We cleanse and clear the cobwebs, and traumas stored in this sacred Temple space in order to access Her full gifts. We navigate the Mystery of existence through the archetypal faces of the Goddess in ceremony, ritual and embodiment. We awaken the lost parts of ourselves, and RE-MEMBER what it means to be WOMBAN, attuned to the cycles of Nature and the Moon through the very cycles of our beautiful bodies. We return to navigating and aligning our lives through these sacred Lunar rhythms which pull the tides of our wombs and feminine lives, and we practice radical self care through Radiance Rituals and Meditations.

Welcome to the Temple of She, open to all. I invite you to step beyond the gateway, and into the embrace of Her.

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to deepen into the Mystery through Womb Temple…

Womb Sessions are One on One skype sessions to dive deep into the well of the womb together; to discern truth, held patterns and pathways to release them, as well as enhanced feminine life design for your personal life constellation. Womb sessions cover Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual aspects in order to come into a state of Wholeness. This is a space of sanctity to be in loving reflection, open curiosity, and a deep well of sustenance.

A few of infinite areas that womb sessions can aide:

  • Recurring physical imbalances in the Womb and/or Yoni
  • Releasing the energetic bonds of past lovers
  • Enhancing the relationship to sacred sexuality through the lens of the female body
  • Tuning in with the oracular nature of the Womb
  • Using the Womb as an Alchemical vessel for Wholeness
  • Feminine Life Design to optimize radiance, vitality and feminine joy
  • Holistic Yoni Care routines and rituals
  • Using the Womb space to birth the life you most desire
  • Enhanced Beauty, Grace, Power and Love!

Womb Sessions are $75 per hour.

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