Course Dedication

This offering is dedicated to that fierce yearning in the heart that is the intense and beautiful desire for union. The impulse for us to look deeper, to reach higher and to attempt to taste the sweetness of the eternal on our mortal lips. To that which inspires us to seek something larger than ourselves.

This offering is dedicated to the many teachers, muses and companions who have guided me, inspired me and been sweet kin along the way. Each woman featured in this course is one of my great allies on the path and I bow in deep reverence and gratitude for their presence here.

Finally, this course is dedicated to the beloved land and culture of India, for without her great influence in my life and spiritual journey this would not have been birthed. She has been my greatest mirror, teacher, beloved and muse in my own exploration of the divine. I am humbly just scratching the surface of her great wisdom, and offering but a sip from her timeless well that others may find the immense beauty that I have received by her grace and journey deeper should their souls similarly feel the ringing of the temple bell within.

In great respect, honor and reverence I bow to the lines of remembrance featured in this offering and to their holy land of birth, Mother India.

May all beings find their way home to that sweet space of union where spirit meets the flesh.