I absolutely loved this course. After working with the Jade Egg for 4 years on my own, I was waiting for the perfect guide to take the Taoist Arts deeper. And Halo appeared in my life and I am so grateful to learn from her. She is so passionate about the integrity of lineage and the practices in general and this reflects in the quality of the content. Her approach to sharing these arts is mystical but grounded ..which is soooo neccessary; and I really appreciated this. It is great to learn deeper into the tradition of this powerful practice & connect to that lineage which is so potent when working with the Jade Egg, so I am really happy to have had these teachings and Halo as my guide. My intentions for the course to work on some deep seated subconscious patterns, was amplified to be seen felt and healed , alongside these powerful practices. I am so grateful for this course and the teachings for enriching my feminine embodiment journey even deeper. Deep gratitude & I reccomend to any woman at whatever stage of their journey they are at. ~Nadine Lee, Tantric Yogini & Embodiment Teacher, Bali, Indonesia


Halo breathes timely new life into ancient gnosis with her passionate dedication to the Taoist Feminine Arts.  Her reverence is palpable.  As a Jade Temple initiate, I have received a lifetime of practices that will continue to reveal and deepen my sense of self and plant me firmly wherever the journey takes me.  I came upon her course shortly after my dad died. My heart was broken wide open, my spirit was raw, restless and navigating a darkness there was no other way of knowing except through great loss.  Halo’s teachings steered me back, time and again to the thin thread of self that bereavement had left in its wake. Her knowledge helped me braid in new joy, new gratitudes, new personal power while remembering, strengthening and polishing the old, original, baby me. Synchronicity is magic and I am absolutely charmed that it placed me as her student. I will move assuredly forward, deeply rooted because of it. ~Lesley Hayward, Mother, Topeka, KS


My Soma Temple experience was deeply enriching. Halo created a beautiful safe sacred space in which she led me on a powerful journey into my relationship with the Shiva/Shakti Union within me.  Her knowledge is vast with years of experiential work and grounded in an ancient lineage.  I felt very held within the meditations given because of her deep understanding of this wisdom.  She also brings a fun-loving joyful sensuality to the space which helped to keep the group energy relaxed.  Thank you Halo!  Your work is a powerful inspiration to embody the divine. ~Alyshakti Elij, Visual Artist, Ashland, OR


Shakti Temple Arts sacred feminine wisdom workshops have been deeply nourishing and enlightening. Halo teaches with poise and grace, holding a sweet space for women to connect to each other and our Goddess selves. I am grateful for Soma Temple to build feminine community here in Ashland, OR. I encourage all women feeling the call of the Divine Feminine to sit in this sacred space and absorb these deep teachings of mantra, yantra and mudra. You may even be lucky to be honored with Halo's alchemical prasad treats at the end! ~Lua Megan, Permaculturist, Ashland, OR

Halo is a sweet gift of wise nectar embodied in grace AS temple arts and presence. My experience of Soma Temple was a deep remembrance of a long lost language and art of dancing within my own Shakti. The practices Halo shared felt familiar and ancient, and led me into my innermost yearning for union. It was a descent, a journey of retrieval of key aspects of myself, rooting to my own inner divine marriage between the masculine and the feminine…moving stagnancy and sweeping the threshold clean in the quiet of the new moon among sisters. Through breath, and sound, and mantra and mudra my mind was able to soften and melt back to reveal the truth that I am, embodied. Breathing light and air into my womb and ovaries and opening up energy circuits, proceeding to bathe in the beauty of my essential nature. In the penetration of these sacred practices my heart opened and softened~ I revitalized. This workshop was a series of sweet openings for me inspiring tears and ecstasy as I held myself in immersion with source. I would participate in these sacred bathings of wisdom and practices with Halo again and again. Thank you, thank you, thank me, thank you! ~Marina Hartnell, Doula & RN, Ashland, OR

My time with Halo has always been transformational. I recently attended a Jade Temple Toaist Sexuality workshop , guided by Halo, at the Dankini Rose Gardens. It was truly a blessing. She has a profound way of creating an air of comfort and equality allowing us all to drop in very deeply to ourselves. The class was very informational AND experiential. I left feeling more in alignment with my body, mind and spirit. I will definitely take more workshops from Shakti Temple Arts. I am grateful Halo is in my life as a teacher and a friend. ~Regina Spangle, Doula/Healing Practitioner, Minneapolis, MN

Halo has been an absolute blessing to me personally as well as to our Goddess Temple of Ashland. I adore being in class with her. Halo's delivery of ancient Taoist sexuality knowledge is incredibly palatable, organized, doable, and joyful. She presents herself beautifully... On all levels... Her grace, radiance, and professionalism create a sacred container to open easily to learn. I am so grateful for her Presence. ~Graell Corsini, Founder and Co-directoer of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Ashland OR

The 1-week Shakti Temple Dance Retreat with Shakti Temple Arts was an absolute yummy delight for my Heart! I've learned so much in this short time and embraced more deeply the Truth of the Embodied Goddess I am here to be. Halo's dedication and passion for the Sacred and the Path of the Temple Dancer, as well as the skill and care she holds space with, is truly inspiring and graceful. I am looking forward to experiencing more of her work, next time hopefully for longer. Thank you, sweet Devi, for all you've shared with us! Jai Ma! ~Arpita Hackenberg, co-founder of Mahadevi Ashram, Tzununa, Guatemala


I am still sipping in the sweet nectar of the retreat...allowing it to slowly integrate deep with in my being.  I feel a deep healing has been activated and is stillin the process of integrating at a deep core level with in me.  I personally felt a deep connection to the womb yoga and felt sacred, nurturing and healing. I am also drawn to continue studies with the intuitive dance and mediation rituals that guide us women to connect and deeply experience the Sacred Feminine. When I saw the link for this retreat my immediate response was Yes! I am glad I had no hesitation and felt the call deep within me. Halo's presence and skills assisted everyone to reach their point of authentic affirmation and declaration!! It has been an honor to journey with her into various depths of the Sacred Feminine. ~Carmen Maria Jacaj, Yoga Instructor, Clearwater, Florida

Halo is a rare embodiment of true humility, grace, and beauty. Her knowledge of the sacred arts is golden and her willingness to share these jewels is such a divine blessing to all. ~Loraia Ward, Tantric Dance Instructor, Massage Therapist, Scarletveil Sisterhood, Talent, OR