O Uma (Shakti)! This waist emerging from large, heavy and full breasts, smiling countenance, bewitching glances

like several Kamadevas, body with the splendor of a flowering kadamba tree, all these together create agitation in

the mind of Hara (Shiva) and other people, as if Thou, who art spotlessly pure, art transformed into an object of

worldly enjoyment for Thy devotees.

~From Sri Saundarya Lahari

Sri lalita tripura sundari, the highest shakti , beauty of the three worlds, and goddess of soma

About Temple of Shakti Tantric Arts

In the process of awakening, the Goddess Shakti, who lives coiled in slumber at the cervix in women and the perineum in men as Kundalini, is stirred by balancing the flows of Ida and Pingala Nadis, or our lunar and solar energies. As Kundalini stirs and begins to rise up the spine, she pierces the chakra centers, which operate individually until they are pierced into a whole system of unified frequency. As she pierces each chakra these energy centers are awakened to their highest potential. As the fiery Goddess reaches the third eye center, or Agna Chakra where Ida and Pingala become one, she is tamed as she melts into the bliss of erotic union with her beloved Shiva, who represents Supreme Consciousness. As supreme energy and supreme consciousness elope as one seamless whole the crown chakra, Sahasrara opens up to flood the body with ambrosial cosmic lunar nectar called Soma. Together with the Soma, Shiva and Shakti descend entwined in union back to the root chakra flooding the body and mind with the bliss of Samadhi, or spiritual awakening IN the body. This is the goal that the mystical science of Tantra Yoga aims to achieve, the sacred merger of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within.

bowing before lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles on the spiritual path and son of beloved shakti, at kamakhya temple in assam, india

Tantra is a path of magnetism and delight, of radiance and blissful embodiment, of beauty and sacredness in all that we are, and all that we do. It is also a path of immense discipline and tapasya, stoking the inner fire that burns through the density of what we are not until we realize again what we are. Tantra honors all that it is to be both human and divine simultaneously, the terror and the beauty of life, the darkness and the light, the sacred and the profane. It is the path of honoring God/Goddess IN and THROUGH these very bodies that we find ourselves experiencing this miracle of life!

Temple of Shakti is an offering of honoring, cultivating and exalting this experience of inner alchemy and embodiment through the ancient lineages of traditional Tantric Yoga. Through Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Kriya, Dhyana and Puja we prepare the body for the alchemical process of Kundalini Awakening. Deepening into Tantric theory we get to know intimately the forces of nature and consciousness that are the essence of existence, and explore the multiplicity of inner frequencies through their embodied forms as Gods and Goddesses, primarily Shiva and Shakti in their many faces. Drawing primarily from the two main lineages of Tantra; the Shakti oriented Sri Vidya system, and the Shiva oriented Kaishmir Shaivist system, Temple of Shakti weaves the powerful Tantric languages of Mantra, Yantra, and Mudra to connect us deeper with the powerful forces of creation that are Shiva and Shakti within us.  While we do work directly with sexual energy cultivation, this is but a bridge that we must cross to reach the higher goals of Tantra, and of our souls longing for eternal union. Temple of Shakti is a weaving of the red and the white, the Sukra, or seed, and Rakta, blood, the left and the right hand paths. Temple of Shakti is an invitation to remember our own Divinity, to awaken our true nature, and to begin living as embodied Dieties through the temple of the heart, and the way of beauty and mindfulness.

Remembering the ultimate goal, we sanctify our sexuality, and allow this powerful creative force to guide our souls into the light of ultimate consciousness and union with the Divine.

Each Temple of Shakti is a unique experience, with varying focuses and intentions. Combinations of practices are offered accordingly. Focusing primarily in a container with women, there are occasional Shiva-Shakti Pujas open to both men and women.

Stay tuned for upcoming Temples of Shakti!


September 28th-0ctober 7th 2019

Free online offering in devotion to the Goddess Durga and in preparation for the Sublime Shakti Pilgrimage India January 11th-26th 2020!

Join me in a 10 day Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) to worship Shakti, the great mother and feminine principle within creation! Over Navaratri, or nine nights of the Goddess, we worship Shakti primarily in her form as Durga, slayer of demons. Durga is a supreme Shakti who is whole unto herself and has all of the powers of the individual male deities. When the world sinks into chaos via the domination of demonic forces, the Gods are in despair as their attempts to restore balance are thwarted again and again. Alas they pray to the Divine Mother to ease their troubles and she manifests as the brilliant Shakti Durga and in slaying the demon Mahisasura, restores peace, balance and beauty to the worlds.

As we dive into deity yoga we are working directly with creative energies portrayed by Gods and Goddesses. These energies assist us on our path towards liberation. The demons represent our own inner negativities that prevent us from knowing and experiencing true inner bliss. Durga is that great force within us, the Kundalini Shakti that has the power to overcome and dispell all of our inner demons and obstacles. Thus over Navaratri, we worship the divine Devi Durga and on the 10th day, Vijaya Dashami, we celebrate her victory over the forces of evil.

In this 10 day sadhana offering you will partake in a live opening ceremony to the Goddess as we begin Navaratri. From there you will be given a sadhana (practice) every 3 days to worship Shakti in her three forms of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. You will be given a mantra to repeat for the three days of each deity, a digital image of the goddess, and the specific offerings to be made during the session of mantra, plus some insights on how to welcome the energy of this Goddess into your life.

September 28th-30th Goddess Durga, Goddess of inner Courage and Strength

October 1st-3rd Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of Inner Wealth and Beauty

October 4th-6th Goddess Saraswati, Goddess of Inner Wisdom and Sacred Speech

October 7th Vijaya Dashami, the victory of Goddess Durga Over Mahisasura

All participants in the webinar will get a taste of the bhava (divine emotion) of the upcoming Sublime Shakti Pilgrimage to the Motherland of India and a $500 scholarship to assist one woman in joining us will be offered at the end of the journey on Vijaya Dashami. Scholarship application details will be found on Shakti Temple Arts Instagram account at the link below.


As the fires build in sexual joy, Enter the blessed place between the legs, Embrace the holy energies shimmering there.

Follow the rising flow, Undulating throughout the spine, Shivering with pleasure.

As the fire intensifies And flashes upwards, Suspend the breath for a moment. Throw your whole self in.

Become brilliance in your bodily form, In union with primordial bliss.

~Shiva to Shakti in The Radiance Sutras