The curriculum

Day one: shakti


On the first day of this 3 day Tantric Initiation, we will immerse ourselves in the Goddess Shakti who represents Supreme Energy. We will share one live call each day in which I will share teachings on Tantra and the deity we work with that day. We will then have a specific meditation related to the deity and I will share a sadhana to build the energy of the deity within. Each day I will also send an email with specific practices to awaken the deity within and connect with the aspects.

Opening Call December 19th 12pm PST:

  • Opening Shakti Puja (ritual)

  • Insight into Tantra and the Goddess Shakti

  • Chakra Yoga Warm Up

  • Shakti Meditation

  • Shakti Sadhana (Practice) with Mantra and Yantra

Email: Shakti Sadhana

  • Chandra Namaskar Video: Yoga sequence to awaken the lunar energies

  • Pranayama Video: Breath practice to awaken Shakti

  • Mudra: Hand gesture to activate Shakti in the body

  • Chakra Nyasa Video: Anointing and awakening the Chakras with Mantra

  • Complete Shakti Sadhana Routine PDF

Day two: shiva


Second Call December 20th 2pm PST:

  • Shiva Puja

  • Insight into Tantra and the God Shiva

  • Chakra Yoga Warm Up

  • Shiva Meditation

  • Shiva Sadhana (Practice) with Mantra and Yantra

Email: Shiva Sadhana

  • Surya Namaskar Video: Yoga sequence to awaken the solar energies

  • Pranayama Video: Breath practice to awaken Shiva

  • Mudra: Hand gesture to activate Shiva in the body

  • Hridaya Meditation Video

  • Complete Shiva Sadhana Routine PDF

day three (solstice): Ardhanarisvara


Shiva and Shakti in One Body

Closing Call December 21st 4pm PST:

  • Closing Ardhanarisvara Puja

  • Insight into Tantra and the deity Ardhanarisvara

  • Chakra Yoga Warm Up

  • Pranayama and Chakra Nyasa Together

  • Maithuna Ritual: Sacred Union Within

  • Ardhanarisvara Meditation

  • BONUS: Two bodied Practice for Couples

  • Meta: Offering our practice to all beings

Email: Ardhanarisvara Sadhana

  • Chakra Warm Up Sequence Video

  • Pranayama and Chakra Nyasa Video

  • Maithuna Meditation Audio Recording

  • Ardhanarisvar Meditation Audio Recording

who is this course for?

This course is for singles or couples of any gender identity and sexual orientation who wish to heal or tend their relationship to the masculine and feminine within and without, and who wish to bring forth the qualities of the divine masculine and feminine within in a balanced way so that the relationship with self, other and the divine are harmonious, fulfilling and beautiful.

Masculine and feminine do not connote ‘male’ or ‘female’. In this course we work with the qualities of the masculine and feminine anthropomorphized into deities. Deity is a tool we use to become intimate with divine qualities in the realm of Tantra.

At the end of the course there will be an added bonus for participants wishing to bring this work into intimate relationship for dual cultivation. This will be great for couples joining, but also for singles who wish to bring these practices into future or current relations.

This course is also for those who recognize the root wound on the planet; the dissonance between the masculine and feminine energies, and wish to spend Solstice in a meaningful way and through participation offer the embodied prayer for balance to all sentient beings.

What you will receive

  • 3 Live calls with Tantric teachings, guided practices, and pujas that will be recorded and sent to your inbox

  • 4 Emails with Video, Audio and PDF downloads to keep

  • Altar images to print of relevant deities and yantras

  • Practices to support you on your ongoing journey

  • A taste of traditional Tantric practice and philosophy for self cultivation

  • Bonus practice of dual-cultivation Maithuna ritual