Tantra for the modern world

The greatest wound on Earth at this time is the imbalance between the masculine and feminine interplay of creation. This is almost entirely due to humanities divergence from nature and her harmonious cycles of light and dark, creation and destruction, yin and yang, Shiva and Shakti.

This wound has been in part created by our severance from our greatest source of power, truth, love and illumination: our sexuality. We have been made to feel that it is wrong, shameful, dirty, and in essence sinful. We have been made small and docile while religion has taught us to think of sex as our greatest weakness.

But is it not perhaps our greatest power? Why else would religion be so afraid of it?

Perhaps within our sex, our desire and our rapture is the roadmap to a union more divine than any to be found in the flesh alone: our union with our own divine essence HERE and NOW and IN the body. Perhaps all we need is to align our sexual energies vertically rather than horizontally, to connect the loins with the heart and the crown where merger becomes total. Religion has created shame within our sexuality to split us, to create fractured beings in need of an intermediary between the self and the divine, the earth plane and the heaven realms.

It is time that we reclaim this direct line of communion with the creative energy of universal power! It is time that we fully sanctify and honor this force as the path to our own awakening IN and THROUGH the body! It is time that we honor both the horizontal plane of existence (form and energy) as the great Shakti Yoni, being penetrated by the great vertical plane of existence (spirit and consciousness) as the great Shiva Linga. Only through fully honoring and making sacred our sexual energy will our souls have the opportunity to awaken to a higher state of truth and consciousness. Our sexual energy is the bridge from the material to the spiritual in the form of the Goddess Kundalini. By negating our sexual urges many religions have been able to keep people chained in lower states of consciousness where they are easier to control.

It is an immense gift that many ancient road maps still remain to show us the way despite the patriarchies attempt to burn them in a thousand ways. Tantra is one of those maps.

Tantra is one of few spiritual systems in which sexual energy is not only accepted, but worshipped as the divine power that it is. This is not permission for a free-for-all between the sheets, but an honoring of the primary step on the path of awakening, which is fully becoming aware of our sexual energy as a means to enlightenment. If one skips this first step, the path to awakening is thwarted. One must become deeply intimate with their own powerful sexual energy by healing societal constructs around this powerful, wild and sacred energy, which is the Goddess herself. One must learn to adore this energy, to use it with the utmost intention for good in the world, to harness it and direct it's pathway for the liberation of oneself and all sentient beings.

Only by fully adoring the material world which is the expression of sexual life force energy, and which is the feminine principle of Shakti herself, will we reach the abode of truth, which exists beyond as the realm of Lord Shiva.

Tantra is the inner alchemy of Shiva and Shakti; the Masculine, and Feminine, the Solar and Lunar, the Red and White, the Sukra (seed) and Rakta (blood), the Sacred and the Profane. Tantra is the web that encompasses and includes all aspects of existence, and humanity; that sanctifies every act into an act of divinity by infusing it with consciousness. In Tantra we realize that all we experience is but the loving dance of Shiva, or consciousness, and Shakti, light and energy. All we can sense through sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound is Shakti's dance. All that changes such as the cycles of death and rebirth, day and night, our feelings and emotions, are Shakti. The sacred elements that make up this divine creation are Shakti. Shiva is then the thread of consciousness that infuses, indeed penetrates this effulgent dance of Shakti. Shiva is that which is able to witness this dance, unchanging, and in vertical alignment with truth, able to be in, but not of this illusory world. True Tantra is the inner alchemy of these great forces of seeming duality into wholeness and divine union. The great illusion of the world is that Shiva and Shakti are separate, but in truth they cannot be separated. When we awaken, we simply realize this to be so as if waking from a great dream. When we realize the eternal unchanging nature within the ever-changing world, we begin to see the world as truly beautiful, something to be tended and cherished. We see that the world is the immanent Goddess, and we begin to engage with it as such. We become living embodiments of Shiva and Shakti in one body, dancing the dance of life and death while our consciousness witnesses the miracle and mystery of it all. Through adoration and compassion towards all beings we become one with Shakti, through meditation and self-reflection we become one with Shiva. Tantra is simply put, the path to being human and divine simultaneously.

This is why the Tantric path is so powerful and picking up so much interest in this day and age. It is not an ascetic path that negates the body as the expense of an enlightened mind, but is the practice of accessing the seed of enlightenment through full inhabitation of the body, and consecrating to the divine every single act of being human, whether duality would judge it sacred, or profane. True Tantra is deepening into the divine dance of polarities as one deepens into union with a lover. It is recognizing the existence of all of these polarities within our own singular being, and weaving them from within into a beautiful tapestry of consciousness, and without into reverence of all that is.

As true Tantra is essentially the practice of being human, of being natural, it is a potent gift for our times. Our modern society is a society of obsessive doing, cutting us off from our true nature that can only be tapped into through the allowance of being. Our society is rigged to lead us so far away from ourselves, nature and essentially our humanness, that it can be a daily challenge just to return to our sweet, nourishing essence. The practice of Tantra is such great medicine for this modern era madness. In simply returning to being, all things get done effortlessly. This does not mean that we stop engaging externally, but we begin to act in the world from fullness, from a deeply rooted seat within our own being. Tantra teaches us how to truly BE within the doing; how to commune with life moment by moment anchored in presence, beauty and ultimately LOVE.

Tantra sees all that exists as a gateway, a yoni or portal to step through into full merger with the divine. The invitation is always there if you have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. Every moment is to be stepped through into a greater understanding; one cannot expect to receive the full darshan (blessing) of the temple by simply standing in the gateway. One must cross through the threshold to penetrate the depths. Tantra is a journey from the gross to the subtle. We may begin our journey at the gross level with the idea that it is all about sexual indulgence, Tantra is vast enough to hold even that and we must begin where we are at, however the ultimate goal of Tantra is total union with the God and Goddess within the singular self that holographically exists in all else. It is the alchemy of a wholeness that needs nothing from this world yet delights in the experience of it.

So let us reclaim Tantra in its truest essence as the weaving of the golden thread that connects all that exists; the weaving of the light and energy of the Goddess into myriad forms birthing, becoming and fading away; and the pure unchanging Shiva consciousness that is able to witness this dance in pure presence and adoration, penetrating with love every face that Shakti wears no matter how beautiful or terrible. True Tantra is not for the meek of mind or heart, but for the courageous who choose to step fully into the beckoning mystery of existence.

To begin the practice of Tantra is simple: take time to commune with the self each day, to simply be, breathe and align the largely externally oriented consciousness within; to root deeply within the temple of "I AM" and meet the day from that sacred place, drawing the awareness back throughout the day as it wanders without judgment or concepts of right or wrong, but with re-affirming presence. Thus allow all that the palate of life offers us to be an invitation within, to commune with source, to commune with self, to commune with life in all of its infinite facets from our deepest place.

May we all become experientially aware of the great God and Goddess, Shiva and his Shakti that lives within each of us as our own non-dual nature, arriving swiftly home to the sacred union of our birthright.

Om Siva SaktyaikyaRupinyai Namah

Obeisance and salutations to the One who is both Shiva and Shakti in one form.

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