The Cosmic Consort


There is no mortal that can meet the longing of this heart and flesh, for only when this chalice is filled by spirit's intoxication does it know the true communion.

For even in two-bodied love, is it not yet a container for the eternal presence to be tasted between the two lovers?

What does it mean to be a cosmic consort? To be enraptured by existence?

In tantra we choose our relationship with the Divine, whether that of a mother and child, a guru and disciple or a lover and beloved.

When we see the formless Divine as our consort, we court that which is eternal. When we experience pain we recognize it as the truest longing that comes from our separation from this source of love, and we use this pain to again and again call this beloved back into our heart. When we experience pleasure we recognize the reunion of the beloved spirit in the vessel of our flesh. Both pain and pleasure become our dance of love with divinity.

As long as we seek fulfillment from other "vessels" our rapture will be temporary and fleeting and often times leave behind an even greater longing. It is when we recognize that we are each but a chalice that the divine pours itself into when we are empty enough to receive that we come to know true fulfillment. This is the alchemical marriage of spirit and flesh, two becoming one, when we realize the rapture of Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram; truth, auspiciousness and beauty.

When our consort is the cosmic divine first and foremost, we then claim the sovereignty needed to have fulfilling relationships here on the earth plane; relationships that are no longer selfish, no longer conditional, no longer tainted by our attempts to fill a hole inside that can ONLY be filled by the omnipresent.

In the rapture of what is, we can open ourselves to that which can truly fill us to the brim, and allow our being to pour forth beauty into the world in devotion to its magnificence, spiraling into the ecstasy of being deeply engaged with life.

How do we live when we are courting life as the beloved, when even the mundane becomes infused with love, tenderness and eroticism?

Reach within beloved, not without, to be embraced by the eternal source of ecstasy.