About Shakti Retreats and Immersions with Shakti Temple Arts

Shakti Retreats and Immersions are opportunities to take deeper initiation into the Temple Arts of the Divine Feminine. Weaving together the threads of Temple Dance, Tantric and Taoist practice, ceremonial Priestessing and Sacred Feminine Self Care, we as women gain a holistic and embodied experience of our power, beauty, and love as individuals and as a collective sisterhood. Women thrive on connection with one another, and our power, beauty, radiance and presence is amplified in circle with our sisters. In Shakti Retreats and Immersions we gain access to many keys to our own feminine mystery in this sacred container of sisterhood and collective practice. Our prayers are amplified, and we are able to reach deeper within to the well of truth and remembrance.

The weaving of the ancient arts of Temple Dance, Tantra, Toaist practice, and Priestessing bring an immense amount of depth to our embodiment as Goddess. Through Temple Dance we are able to literally dance the divine in and through our bodies, offering the Bhakti, or devotion of our dance to all that is sacred, and awakening the channels of prana (life force energy) in the body through the postures, mudras and intention in the dance. Through Tantra we worship ourselves, and all beings as Living God/Goddess through traditional rituals, practices and entering the gateways of the senses to the inner chambers of Divinity. In Taoist practice we deeply nourish our bodies as Temple, and cultivate our powerful creative sensual Chi for increased radiance, vitality and pleasure. Through Priestessing and ceremony we honor the cycles of woman and nature, attune to the womb, and explore archetypal energies, symbols and oracular wisdom. We practice and cultivate our Sacred Feminine Self Care through Radiance Rituals involving diet, herbs, exercises,  lunar rhythms and Holistic Yoni Care.

Shakti Temple Arts offers multiple day retreats and immersions into variations of these Sacred Feminine arts. Please connect if you wish to host Shakti Temple Arts for a retreat, and stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to initiate into these Temple Arts of the Sacred Feminine!

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