Womb Session

Womb Sessions are One on One in-person or Skype sessions to dive deep into the well of the womb together; to discern truth, held patterns and pathways to release them, as well as enhanced feminine life design for your personal life constellation. Womb sessions cover Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual aspects in order to come into a state of Wholeness. This is a space of sanctity to be in loving reflection, open curiosity, and a deep well of sustenance.

A few of infinite areas that womb sessions can aide:

  • Recurring physical imbalances in the Womb and/or Yoni

  • Releasing the energetic bonds of past lovers

  • Enhancing the relationship to sacred sexuality through the lens of the female body

  • Tuning in with the oracular nature of the Womb

  • Using the Womb as an Alchemical vessel for Wholeness

  • Feminine Life Design to optimize radiance, vitality and feminine joy

  • Holistic Yoni Care routines and rituals

  • Using the Womb space to birth the life you most desire

  • Enhanced Beauty, Grace, Power and Love!

Womb Sessions are sliding scale $100-$250 per 90 minutes.

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Inner Tantric Yoga Session

Inner Tantric Yoga Sessions are for individuals or couples and are done  in-person or over Skype to dive deeply into the realm of Tantra Yoga via philosophy, instruction and sadhana (prescribed practice). Tantra Yoga helps to yoke our experience of divinity through the ancient science of Tantra which uses the tools of deity (God and or Goddess), Mantra (sacred sound) and Yantra (sacred geometry). In Tantra we use these tools to align our life-force energy, or Shakti, with our transcendental consciousness, or Shiva. In doing so we alchemize the dualistic nature within into an experience of wholeness and unity.

These private sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Inner Tantric Yoga practices to balance the energies of Sukra (Shiva's seed) and Rakta (Shakti's blood).

  • Pranayama to balance the lunar and solar nadis and awaken the central channel, or sushumna

  • Yogic techniques for activating the Chakras, or energy centers

  • Mantra and Yantra for use with embodying and propitiating particular deities

  • Puja, or rituals of worship for particular deities

  • Couples practice in transfiguration, Nyasa (anointing) and sexual energy exchange

Inner Tantric Yoga Sessions are sliding scale $150-$250 per 90 min.

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Jade Temple One-on-One

Jade Temple One-on-One are private in-person or Skype sessions to journey into the realms of Taoist Female Sexual Energy Cultivation and the Jade Egg practices. In the Tao we recognize our sexual energy as a great force of love and healing. Through very particular practices we learn to clear out old, stagnant energy, cultivate our sexual power, and amplify our pleasure and connection to source. When we cultivate our sexual energy we live more vital, radiant, and empowered lives.

A few areas these sessions cover, among many:

  • Taoist philosophy and living in the cycles of nature

  • Womb and Ovarian Ancestral Clearing

  • Cultivating Ovarian Energy

  • Womb as Alchemical Chalice of Yin and Yang

  • Circulating and storing sexual energy

  • Working with the Jade Egg to amplify sexual energy

Jade Temple One-on-One Sessions are sliding scale $150-$250 per 90 minutes.

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Personal Temple Arts Program

Personal Temple Arts Programs are tailored to your individual essence and life constellation. Weaving various threads of practice from Tantra Yoga, Taoist Sexual Energy Cultivation, Womb Wisdom, and Temple Dance, we co-create a body of practice to assist you in realizing, cultivating and embodying your radiant divine nature. Personal programs are created during an in-person or Skype session. Tailored videos, audio meditations and PDFs are sent to your inbox to be used for practice and accountability Skype sessions help to keep on track.

Some areas these programs can cover and weave together:

  • Embodiment via Tantra Yoga, Temple Dance or Qigong

  • Inner Alchemy to balance our inner masculine and feminine polls through Tantric and/or Taoist practices

  • Attuning to the womb and the wisdom of the cycles within

  • Sadhana or daily practice as a means of transformation

  • Mantra, Yantra and Mudra, the tools of Tantra

  • Archetypal embodiment and living a mythic life

  • Holistic Yoni Care and a lifestyle for hormonal harmony

  • Sacred sexuality and cultivating sexual energy via the Jade Egg practices

Personal Temple Arts Programs are tailored to meet your needs and follow up sessions after the intro are sliding scale $150-$250 per session.

To begin the process book a $75 hour long intro (to be included in the full cost) by filling out the form below:

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