Align with the Autumn season & Recommit to Thriving Self-Empowerment and Rejuvenation.  

Beloved sisters, this is a invitation to go deeper into the realms of the Tao, the Mystery of the Womb, and the Power of Earth Medicine. Do you feel the pull of fall beckoning you to retreat into nature? To touch in more intimately with yourself and mother earth? To explore deeper vitality practices to source energy for the turn of the seasons? Do you remember the last time you had a digital detox and immersed in the potency of the present moment?

Imagine all of this and furthermore being held by a strong web of sisterhood that aides to uplift one-another to heal, shine and hold one another through the depths of transformation.


Deepen into the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine through a fusion of sacred lineages brought to you by two embodied master instructors. Through Native-American purification lodge ceremony, the Taoist Feminine Arts and Five Elements Qigong, Womb Clearing and Cultivating, Sacred Song and Dance Rituals, and the priceless container of Sisterhood you will be immerse in the realm of the Sacred Feminine and the Power and Beauty of Nature.

The offering

ForImmerse Yourself In the Feminine Mysteries  & Womb Wellness Wisdom while camping on the earth and under the stars. We’ll all be camping on a beautiful piece of land in the Santa Cruz mountains as we luxuriate together in the immersion of women’s sanctuary, vitality practices, land based ecology and a short digital detox.

Images of our sacred retreat site below:


On this magical  land you’ll have the opportunity to deeply restore your system while Clearing negative or toxic patterns & imprints that have resided from the sometimes stressful modern lifestyle, Cultivate vitality practices that sustain your life-force while optimizing your reproductive health, and Amplify your life-force energy  and radiance as you prepare to  bring  home practices & rituals to integrate into your personal routine & work life.

The opportunity to sleep outside for a night while breathing negative ions in the air will allow your feminine body to align the healing resonance and grounding vibration of the mother earth, which often results in more attuned hormones and cycles.

Through the devotional arts of the Sacred Feminine we connect with the Divinity within and without. In this retreat we will be exploring the arts of:

  • Sweat Lodge purification ceremony

  • Taoist Tea Ceremony

  • Ceremonial Dance of Life (a Cherokee 4 directions dance that invokes medicine & vision)

  • Five Elements QiGong

  • Obsidian Egg Protocol for Womb Healing

  • Yin Yang Ovarian Breathing and the Jade Egg Practices

  • Tantric Dance Ritual with the Jade Egg

retreat schedule


Friday Oct. 12th: Arrival and Opening Ceremony

3pm Arrival

3-4pm Land Orientation and Camp Set Up

5pm Opening Circle around the fire

6pm Temezcal Lodge (Sweat Lodge) led by Ayah


9pm Potluck dinner! Bring a dish to share!

Saturday Oct. 13th: Medicine Tao Immersion

7:30-9am Dance of Life  w/Ayah & 5 Elements Qigong w/Halo

9-10am Breakfast and Tea Ceremony

10-12:30pm Obsidian Yoni Egg Protocol for Womb Healing led by Ayah


12:30-1:30pm Lunch and Sister Council w/Ayah

1:30-3pm Yin Yang Ovarian Breathing, the Microcosmic Orbit and Qi Packing w/ Halo

3-5pm The Taoist Jade Egg Practices and Tantric Dance Ritual w/ Halo

5-6pm Closing Circle and Dinner

Leave Site by 7pm

Your Guides


Halo Seronko

Halo Seronko is the founder of Shakti Temple Arts, an international and online school of Temple Dance, Tantra and Taoist Arts.

She is deeply devoted to a life of cultivation and beauty through the feminine arts and radiance practices of Sacred Dance, Tantra, Taoism, and Priestessing. She is devoted to the universal forces of existence; the feminine, Yin, and the masculine, Yang. She dedicates her life and work to the recognition, balance, harmony, respect and compassion in the dance of these Divine forces, specifically the re-awakening of the Divine Feminine principle.

Raised by a Taoist father, her roots in tradition, lineage and spiritual practice stretch back to childhood. She considers Taoism to be the root of her spirituality, the system from where she began her spiritual and energetic quest studying Tai Chi and Qigong with her father in her early teens. She has since studied multiple lineages in the Taoist traditions of health and well-being, healing arts and sexual energy cultivation. Combining many threads from her father, as well as Mantak Chia and other teachers from the Healing Tao Lineage over the last decade, her practice of Taoist Female Sexual Energy Cultivation has flourished and opened up new awareness and embodied experiences that have transformed Halo's life and way of being in profound and beautiful ways. From the depths of her own experiences and her passion for these teachings, Halo has been teaching for 6 years online and internationally.

 Her mission with Shakti Temple Arts is to offer keys to unlocking the soul’s yearning for expression of it’s innate divinity and wholeness in THIS life, and in THIS body through these time tested lineages of embodiment, consciousness, health and beauty practices.

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Ayah Buonaugurio

Ayah Buonaugurio is a passionate facilitator of Hatha Yoga, Sacred Dance, and founder of Obsidian Womb Wellness as well as a Women’s Health Advocate in the S.F Bay Area. She’s a legally ordained Priestess of Isis & through the FOI as well as Spiritual Minister through ONACS. Through the container of women’s rituals & events, Ayah educates, supports and advocates women allowing them to feel empowered to make informed decisions concerning their health in alignment with their cyclical natures.

Since 2009, Ayah has worked closely with the obsidian stone through prayer, dedicated practice, and transmission from Mexico-Nahuatl grandmothers through the participation of the Danza de la Luna of Ollinthuimetzli in Mexico. Prior to working specifically with the obsidian egg for healing the womb, she has spent over 10 years devoted to a feminine lineage in Mexico that taught her how to utilize a sacred obsidian pipe on behalf of praying for her life. Ayah thereafter discovered the obsidian egg, and began to apply ancestral shadow work, balancing & womb healing. Ayah received transmission through personal vision & practice as well as guided instructions from experienced practitioners that live in Durango, MX. She teaches a specific protocol that originated from teacher Ana Silvia Serrano who founder of organization in mexico for obsidian therapies.

Ayah has contributed to the growth and nourishment of local communities by facilitating dance classes for at-risk youth, ceremonial dances at sacred pilgrimage sites, woman's womb wellness programs, as well as individual and group healing rituals using obsidian therapies. She furthermore offers private coaching & thai massage therapies in Marin, Ca.



Registration is sliding scale:


Registration CLOSES October 8th at Midnight!

Registration is Now Closed

What you receive

Included in Tuition

  • Sweat lodge

  • Full day of classes

  • Lunch and Dinner

  • Camping at Dharma Ridge

  • Tea and ceremony

Not Included in Tuition

  • Travel to Dharma Ridge

  • Tent and bedding (please prepare for potential rain and chilly night!)

  • BREAKFAST and potluck dinner the first night (please bring breakfast items for the morning)

  • Jade and Obsidian Yoni Eggs (available for purchase at retreat)

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We look forward to being with you in this sacred way