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Jade Temple Taoist Arts is a synthesis of sexual energy cultivation, and radical self care for women through the ancient Taoist traditions. The wisdom garnered in Jade Temple is a synthesis of Mantak Chia’s work filtered through the more feminine lens of personal experience, as well as my studies with my father Willow Seronko and his wisdom and lineage with Master Henry Wang in the arena of Qigong internal alchemy. 

Taoist arts have a deep focus on being in harmony with nature and Her cycles of dark and light, death and birth, male and female, active and receptive, Yin and Yang. Toa literally means ‘the way’. It is the flow of life in this very precious moment. There are no external Gods or Goddesses in Taoism, nowhere to go, and nothing extraordinary to be. It is a pure, simplistic and beautiful philosophy of balance in all things. In the practice of Taoist arts we use internal alchemical practices to harmonize body, mind and spirit for more peace, health, wisdom and longevity.

In the Toaist tradition, sexual energy is known as Jing. It is the powerful energy of creation, and when harnessed and cultivated leads to a long life full of joy, vitality, youth, radiance and pleasure. In Jade Temple we work with foundational Qigong practices to prepare the body for the warm sexual Jing energy. Working with our Ovarian energy we then learn to sense, awaken, and circulate our vital sexual energy through all the organs and cells of our bodies, increasing our capacity for pleasure, radiance, and self knowledge. Through the sacred and foundational Taoist practice of the Jade Egg we tone and tune into our sacred Jade Gate (yoni) and womb space. The Jade Egg practice helps to bring more sensitivity, juciness, versatility and strength to our Yoni and Womb, while cleansing, purifying and balancing these sacred chambers.

The deepest intention of these sacred practices is radical self love, empowerment and self care; uniting the heart with the womb and yoni through deep presence, sensitivity and nurture.

Welcome to the Jade Temple! Please stay tuned for upcoming offerings in the Tao!

Ovarian Breathing

An advanced exploration of the key practice in the Taoist Feminine Arts

In the Taoist view, female sensual energy is akin to the element of water. It is fluid and cyclical, pulled by the tides of the moon in our monthly cycles. It is a life life-giving elixir that can take many forms from ice to steam. As we attune to this potent elixir of life within us we can begin to work with these cycles, bring balance, suppleness and fluidity to them, and use this potent inner elixir for health and radiant well-being. In these times it is of utmost importance that we as women tend to our hormonal rhythms. We are continuously bombarded by environmental pollutants and an often-times stressful yang lifestyle that can throw off our hormonal symphony. Through the ancient and wise practices of the Tao we can tend to this energy and keep our Yin waters flowing in abundance and clarity.

Whether you are new to the Taoist Feminine Arts, or a seasoned practitioner, this webinar will offer you a paramount practice to tap into the vital life force energy stored within the ovaries and an inner alchemical format to using this energy to ignite the endocrine system for radiant hormonal balance and well-being.

In this live webinar:

  • Learn more about the context of Taoism and Yin and Yang as it relates to the female reproductive system and hormonal cycles.

  • Tap into the powerful life-force energy held within the ovaries and governed by the kidneys.

  • Use the reproductive organs as an alchemical cauldron to harmonize the Yin and Yang energies of the body.

  • Sip this sacred alchemically self-sourced ambrosia to ignite the glands of the endocrine system while using the secret Taoist technique of the inner smile.

  • Circulate this elixir of energy through the Yin and Yang channels of the body to bath every cell, organ and gland.

  • Store this energy as a fuel source for radiance, vitality and youthfulness.

  • Receive an audio recording of the practice to use after the live webinar is complete.

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I have had my jade egg for a couple+ years and I’ve gone to another class or two before, but last night I feel I had a break through in conscious awareness within myself with your gentle and thorough guidance. Quickenings of micro-movements occurred last night for me which previously were pure imagined activation. I feel inspired and prepared to play and experiment with my jade egg in a new and enthusiastic way.

I woke up feeling deeply revitalized from our magical evening, warm and fuzzies as if from meeting a new lover.....my most long-term one yet....ME!

I am grateful for our resonance and appreciate your way~~~so clean, crisp, embodied and healing for me. Thank you for bringing your work to this community and sharing so perfectly the way~~~
— Marina Hartnell, healer/herbalist, Ashland OR