Welcome to the Jade Temple Online Initiation!

  • Have you felt the POWER of your sexual energy and wanted to learn how to source it for Vitality, Radiance, Pleasure and Joy?

  • Have you been curious about the Taoist JADE EGG practices, but haven't known where to begin?

  • Are you on a path of HEALING and RECLAIMING your Sexual Power and Potential?

  • Have you been looking to access a daily PRACTICE to anchor your body, mind and spirit into a place of WHOLENESS?

  • Do you have a DESIRE to connect more deeply with your Essential Nature and learn to source yourself from WITHIN?

  • Are you committed to RADICAL Self Care and Spiritual EVOLUTION?

  • Do you wish to HARMONIZE Body, Mind, Heart, Sex and Spirit?

  • Are you seeking a more BALANCED experience of life, and a more EMPOWERED position within yourself?

  • Do you ADORE your Sensual, Sexual nature and wish to ENHANCE it?

Then this Journey is for You Beloved!

Let us begin in the fullness of the moon

What is Jade Temple?

Jade Temple Taoist Feminine Arts is a synthesis of sexual energy cultivation and radical self care through the ancient Taoist traditions. The wisdom garnered in Jade Temple is a synthesis of Mantak Chia’s work filtered through the more feminine lens of my personal experience and practice. It also includes my studies with my father Willow Seronko and his wisdom and lineage with Master Henry Wang in the arena of Qigong internal alchemy. 

Taoist arts have a deep focus on being in harmony with nature and Her cycles of dark and light, death and birth, male and female, active and receptive, Yin and Yang. Tao literally means ‘The Way’. It is the flow of life in this very precious moment. There are no external Gods or Goddesses in Taoism, nowhere to go, and nothing extraordinary to be. It is a pure, simplistic and beautiful philosophy of balance in all things. In the practice of Taoist arts we use internal alchemical practices to harmonize body, mind and spirit for a greater experience of peace, health, wisdom and longevity.

In the Taoist tradition sexual energy is known as Jing. It is the powerful energy of creation, and when harnessed and cultivated leads to a long life full of joy, vitality, youth, radiance and pleasure. In Jade Temple we work with foundational Qigong practices to prepare the body for the warm sexual Jing energy. Working with our Ovarian energy we then learn to sense, awaken, and circulate our vital sexual energy through all the organs and cells of our bodies, increasing our capacity for pleasure, radiance, and self knowledge. Through the sacred and foundational Taoist practice of the Jade Egg we tone and tune into our sacred Jade Gate (yoni) and womb space. The Jade Egg practice helps to bring more sensitivity, juiciness, versatility and strength to our Yoni and Womb, while cleansing, purifying and balancing these sacred chambers.

The deepest intention of these sacred practices is radical self love, empowerment and self care; uniting the heart with the womb and yoni through deep presence, sensitivity and nurture.

And so we begin...

Our Jade Temple Online Initiation will occur over two moon cycles from the full moon of September 13th, to the full moon of November 12th so that we may feel the cycles of Yin and Yang within the duration of our practice together. The moon is a great feminine representation of these cycles within our own bodies and sexuality. The full moon represents the energy of our fertility, our sensuality and our most vibrant and radiant selves. We will begin and end our journey anchored in this experience of fullness, as this journey is indeed one of returning to our wholeness.

Over the moon cycle that the Jade Temple will be held, we will journey through four gateways, each being a week long:

The Content

Module One: Cultivate Good Chi

In this module we begin the journey into the great lineage of Taoist Female Sexual Energy Cultivation. The Taoist system is a very ancient and rich system, and so we begin by honoring the lineage of these practices and preparing our bodies to work with hot sexual energy. In order to work with this energy, we must first cultivate good Chi by purifying and cultivating the energy of the body. In this module we begin to warm up the system in order to work with the sexual energy, or Jing in the following module.

In this Module:

  • Deepen your understanding of Taoism, Yin and Yang and the benefits of these practices.

  • Learn the Taoist Self Chi Massage and Spinal Warm Up

  • Cleanse and Tonify the Organs with the Six Healing Sounds Meditation

  • Taoist Five Elements Theory

  • BONUS: Full Taoist Five Elements Qigong Practice

Module Two: Source Your Essential Energy

Now that our bodies are ready to work with denser and more powerful sexual energy, we begin to learn how to source, cultivate and circulate this powerful energy for radiance, vitality, libido, and spiritual awakening. This module is possibly the most important of all!

In this Module:

  • Learn Breast and Ovarian Massage

  • Clear the energy of the Womb and Ovaries with Womb and Ovarian Clearing

  • Cultivate Jing Sexual Energy through Ovarian Breathing and Packing

  • Circulate Jing Energy throughout the body with the Microcosmic Orbit and store the energy with the Pearl Meditation

  • BONUS: Orgasmic Upward Draw: Working with aroused and orgasmic energies

Module Three: Jade Egg as ally

In this module we begin to take everything we learned in module two and add the Jade Egg practices to enhance the energetic flow. Our practice becomes a bit more physical than energetic as we learn to create strong and dynamic yoni muscles in order to better seal and channel our sexual energies. These practices also bring more blood flow to the yoni nourishing the tissues and increasing lubrication, and can also help to sensitize the yoni for greater experience of pleasure.

In this Module:

  • Learn how to prepare the egg and the benefits of this practice

  • Sipping the Egg, how to introduce the egg into the yoni

  • Laying down Jade Egg excercises

  • Seated and squatting Jade Egg exercises

  • Standing Jade Egg exercises

  • BONUS: Jade Power Practice

Module Four: Tend Your Yoni, tend yourself

In this module we bring everything together and explore even deeper practices of self-care and tending through the Taoist tradition. This whole module is packed with bonus material!

In this Module:

  • Womb clearing with Obsidian Egg

  • Restoration of Innocence with Rose Quartz Egg

  • Vaginal Acupressure

  • Taoist Yoni Care Secrets

  • BONUS: Holistic Yoni Care PDF and Lecture and Guest Teacher Ayah Buonaugurio with Obsidian Yoni Egg

The Structure

Audios, Videos and PDFs Oh My!

Week 1-2:

We will begin with a live opening call on Zoom to drop in together, set intentions and prepare for our dive into the Jade Temple!

The following day you will receive an email with an inspirational Taoist quote and the confirmation that all of the material for Module One is live in the student portal for you to download and practice with!

Student materials will include practice videos, downloadable audios and PDFs.

You will have two weeks to dive in and practice at your own pace before we add more!

We will close this Module with a live Zoom Practice Circle.

week 3-4:

You will receive a check-in e-mail with another inspirational Taoist quote and the exciting news that Module Two is now live in the student portal!

More videos, audios and PDFs! Woohoo!

You have two weeks to work with the practice material at your own pace.

We will close this module with a live Zoom Practice Circle  and mid-course check-in call with question and answer.

Week 5-6:

The following day, you guessed it! Another email to inspire you and share the exciting news that Module Three is live in the student portal!

You have two weeks to drop in to your practices at your own pace!

We will close this module with a live Zoom Practice Circle.

Week 7-8:

You will receive our final inspirational email with the invitation to dive into our final module in the student portal!

You have the full two weeks to dive in at your own pace!

We will have a closing live Zoom call at the close of week four to answer any questions, and ceremonially close our circle together. Although the course is officially closed, you will have access to the materials for life!

What you receive

  • 5 Live Zoom Call Rituals/Practice Circles

  • 4 Inspirational check-in emails

  • 1 Jade in Her Temple Ebook that outlines all of the practices and content

  • Downloadable audio meditations to bring the practices home with you

  • Practice videos and links to access them after the course is finished

  • Facebook group to ask questions, share inspiration and get support in the process

  • An online student portal to access all the goodies

  • Bonuses galore!

  • A Nephrite Jade Egg (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't attend the course during the exact dates? Will it still be available?

YES! Even if the structured dates don't work for you, all of the course material will be available to you for as long as the course exists! During the 'held' portion of the course there will be five live info calls/practice circles which will be recorded and sent to all who register, so you wont miss a thing and can work through the course material at your own pace!

Your Guide

Halo Seronko

Halo Seronko is the founder of Shakti Temple Arts, an international and online school of Temple Dance, Tantra and Taoist Arts.

 She is deeply devoted to a life of cultivation and beauty through the feminine arts and radiance practices of Sacred Dance, Tantra, Taoism, and Priestessing. She is devoted to the universal forces of existence; the feminine, Yin, and the masculine, Yang. She dedicates her life and work to the recognition, balance, harmony, respect and compassion in the dance of these Divine forces, specifically the re-awakening of the Divine Feminine principle.

Raised by a Taoist father, her roots in tradition, lineage and spiritual practice stretch back to childhood. She considers Taoism to be the root of her spirituality, the system from where she began her spiritual and energetic quest studying Tai Chi and Qigong with her father in her early teens. She has since studied multiple lineages in the Taoist traditions of health and well-being, healing arts and sexual energy cultivation. Combining many threads from her father, as well as Mantak Chia and other teachers from the Healing Tao Lineage over the last decade, her practice of Taoist Female Sexual Energy Cultivation has flourished and opened up new awareness and embodied experiences that have transformed Halo's life and way of being in profound and beautiful ways. From the depths of her own experiences and her passion for these teachings, Halo has been teaching for 6 years online and internationally.

 Her mission with Shakti Temple Arts is to offer keys to unlocking the soul’s yearning for expression of it’s innate divinity and wholeness in THIS life, and in THIS body through these time tested lineages of embodiment, consciousness, health and beauty practices.

Guest Teachers


Willow Seronko

My Father and Sifu!

In 1986 Willow began his studies in the Taoist and Buddhist arts of T’ai Chi and Qigong and in 1988 was accepted as a private pupil of Taoist Master Henry Wang. For the past 30 years Willow has seriously pursued excellence in these body/mind//spiritual arts through Master Wang's guidance, studies in China, and personal exploration. He has been teaching these arts for over 20 years and has assisted hundreds of students in their pursuit of these arts for better health, increased awareness, and furthering their spiritual growth.




Ayah Buonaugurio

Obsidian Medicine Sister

Ayah Buonaugurio is a passionate facilitator of Hatha Yoga, Sacred Dance, and founder of Obsidian Womb Wellness as well as a Women’s Health Advocate in the S.F Bay Area. She’s a legally ordained Priestess of Isis & through the FOI as well as Spiritual Minister through ONACS. Through the container of women’s rituals & events, Ayah educates, supports and advocates women allowing them to feel empowered to make informed decisions concerning their health in alignment with their cyclical natures.

Since 2009, Ayah has worked closely with the obsidian stone through prayer, dedicated practice, and transmission from Mexico-Nahuatl grandmothers through the participation of the Danza de la Luna of Ollinthuimetzli in Mexico. Prior to working specifically with the obsidian egg for healing the womb, she has spent over 10 years devoted to a feminine lineage in Mexico that taught her how to utilize a sacred obsidian pipe on behalf of praying for her life. Ayah thereafter discovered the obsidian egg, and began to apply ancestral shadow work, balancing & womb healing. Ayah received transmission through personal vision & practice as well as guided instructions from experienced practitioners that live in Durango, MX. She teaches a specific protocol that originated from teacher Ana Silvia Serrano who founder of organization in mexico for obsidian therapies.

Ayah has contributed to the growth and nourishment of local communities by facilitating dance classes for at-risk youth, ceremonial dances at sacred pilgrimage sites, woman's womb wellness programs, as well as individual and group healing rituals using obsidian therapies. She furthermore offers private coaching & thai massage therapies in Marin, Ca.


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What others are saying


I absolutely loved this course. After working with the Jade Egg for 4 years on my own, I was waiting for the perfect guide to take the Taoist Arts deeper. And Halo appeared in my life and I am so grateful to learn from her. She is so passionate about the integrity of lineage and the practices in general and this reflects in the quality of the content. Her approach to sharing these arts is mystical but grounded ..which is soooo neccessary; and I really appreciated this. It is great to learn deeper into the tradition of this powerful practice & connect to that lineage which is so potent when working with the Jade Egg, so I am really happy to have had these teachings and Halo as my guide. My intentions for the course to work on some deep seated subconscious patterns, was amplified to be seen felt and healed , alongside these powerful practices. I am so grateful for this course and the teachings for enriching my feminine embodiment journey even deeper. Deep gratitude & I reccomend to any woman at whatever stage of their journey they are at. ~Nadine Lee, Tantric Yogini & Embodiment Teacher, Bali, Indonesia

I have had my jade egg for a couple+ years and I’ve gone to another class or two before, but last night I feel I had a break through in conscious awareness within myself with your gentle and thorough guidance. Quickenings of micro-movements occurred last night for me which previously were pure imagined activation. I feel inspired and prepared to play and experiment with my jade egg in a new and enthusiastic way.
I woke up feeling deeply revitalized from our magical evening, warm and fuzzies as if from meeting a new lover.....my most long-term one yet....ME!
I am grateful for our resonance and appreciate your way~~~so clean, crisp, embodied and healing for me. Thank you for bringing your work to this community and sharing so perfectly the way.~ Marina Hartnell, Doula & RN, Ashland OR


Halo breathes timely new life into ancient gnosis with her passionate dedication to the Taoist Feminine Arts.  Her reverence is palpable.  As a Jade Temple initiate, I have received a lifetime of practices that will continue to reveal and deepen my sense of self and plant me firmly wherever the journey takes me.  I came upon her course shortly after my dad died. My heart was broken wide open, my spirit was raw, restless and navigating a darkness there was no other way of knowing except through great loss.  Halo’s teachings steered me back, time and again to the thin thread of self that bereavement had left in its wake. Her knowledge helped me braid in new joy, new gratitudes, new personal power while remembering, strengthening and polishing the old, original, baby me. Synchronicity is magic and I am absolutely charmed that it placed me as her student. I will move assuredly forward, deeply rooted because of it. ~Lesley Hayward, Mother, Topeka, KS

Step in to the Jade Temple, Step in to your essential self