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Jade Temple Taoist Arts Series, Sebastopol CA

Source Your Essential Energy

Now that our bodies are ready to work with denser and more powerful sexual energy, we begin to learn how to source, cultivate and circulate this powerful energy for radiance, vitality, libido, and spiritual awakening. These practices are possibly the most important of all!

  • Learn Breast and Ovarian Massage
  • Clear the energy and of the Womb and Ovaries with Womb and Ovarian Clearing
  • Cultivate Jing Sexual Energy through Ovarian Breathing and Packing
  • Circulate Jing Energy throughout the body with the Microcosmic Orbit and store the energy with the Pearl Meditation
  • Orgasmic Upward Draw: Working with aroused and orgasmic energies

Earlier Event: October 21
Yin-Yang Ovarian Breathing Webinar