Jade Temple Taoist Arts Series, Sebastopol CA
6:00 PM18:00

Jade Temple Taoist Arts Series, Sebastopol CA

Jade Egg As Ally

In this workshop we begin to take everything we learned in the former workahops and add the Jade Egg practices to enhance the energetic flow. Our practice becomes a bit more physical than energetic as we learn to create strong and dynamic yoni muscles in order to better seal and channel our sexual energies. These practices also bring more blood flow to the yoni nourishing the tissues and increasing lubrication, and can also help to sensitize the yoni for greater experience of pleasure.

  • Learn how to prepare the egg and the benefits of this practice

  • Sipping the Egg, how to introduce the egg into the yoni

  • Laying down Jade Egg excercises

  • Seated and squatting Jade Egg exercises

  • Standing Jade Egg exercises

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