Between the Veils, Sebastopol CA
6:00 PM18:00

Between the Veils, Sebastopol CA

Tending the Medicine of the Ancestors through the Cauldron of the Womb

Join Denell Barbara of Cervical Wellness and Halo Seronko of Shakti Temple Arts on a jounrey into the deep well of the feminine at this time of thinning veils, Lunar Samhain.

n this ritual space:

  • Casting our circle with intention and invocation

  • Womb clearing ritual practice to clarify the cauldron

  • Communing with the Ancestors

  • Womb based dance ritual of skin shedding and liberation!

  • Closing circle to offer the merit of our work

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Tantra Festival Mexico
to Nov 14

Tantra Festival Mexico

Join me on the Mayan Riviera with many other teachers of sacred intimacy, Taoist sexual energy cultivation and traditional and neo-Tantra, music and more!

I will be presenting the Taoist Feminine Arts, a Shiva-Shakti Puja, and Temple Dance workshop over this 4 day weekend.

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