Shakti Temple Arts

Shakti Temple Arts is an offering to that which is sacred; to that which is beautiful; to that which is the temple of the heart. Through time tested lineages of embodiment, consciousness, health and beauty practices, we offer keys to unlocking the soul's yearning for expression of it's innate divinity in THIS life, and in THIS body.

Shakti Temple Arts is a weaving of threads from the tapestry of Sacred Temple Arts; from Temple Dance as an offering to the Divine of embodiment through beauty, to the Sacred Arts of sexual energy cultivation, longevity, and worship through Taoism and Tantra, and finally tuning into our ancient remembrance of the Sacred through Feminine Radiance Rituals, Priestessing and the Wisdom of the Womb.

Whether drawn to the ancient and traditional art of Odissi Classical Indian Temple Dance, or the cutting edge beauty and ingenuity of Temple Fusion Belly Dance, you will find a common root: A deep devotion, rooted in the heart, to communing with the Sacred through the embodiment of feminine Beauty, Grace, and Power.

As the Feminine essence re-emerges, there is a deep calling and remembrance to cultivate an ancient primordial force that lives within each of us, and surrounds all of us: The spark of life that is Shakti. Shakti is the energy of creation; on a primal level, our sexual energy that when cultivated can lead to experiences of ecstatic union with consciousness itself. Through the time tested lineages of Taoism and Tantra, we unearth maps to awakening, cultivating, and exalting this powerful feminine force.

Releasing the maps, we move into the realms of intuition, mystery and magic. We enter the realms of the Deep Feminine; Navigating life through Her cycles, archetypes, rituals, and symbols; Accessing Her through the powerful portals of our wombs; Allowing ourselves to bloom from Her depths; Remembering the ways of the Priestess; Reveling in the arts of Sacred Feminine Self Care.

As a traveling entity, Shakti Temple Arts is of service to bring these Temple Arts to you through performance, classes, workshops, immersions and retreats. Our mission is to bring the essence of Temple to every sacred being, to every sacred place, and to every sacred moment we have the blessing to encounter.

Temple is a vessel for God/Goddess, be it an ancient architectural structure, or our very bodies, breath and consciousness. Temple is a way of life that acknowledges the Sacred in all that is, and offers reverence and awe in the form of beauty, and the cultivation of awareness.

Welcome to the Temple...


Halo Seronko

 Waiting in queue to offer a lotus to devi at kamakhya temple in assam, india

Halo Seronko is the founderess, creatrix, Temple Dancer, Tantrika, and Priestess of Shakti Temple Arts. She is deeply devoted to a life of cultivation and beauty through the feminine arts and radiance practices of Sacred Dance, Tantra, Taoism, and Priestessing. She is devoted to the universal forces of existence; the masculine, Shiva, and the feminine, Shakti. She dedicates her life and work to the recognition, balance, harmony, respect and compassion in the dance of these Divine forces, specifically the re-awakening of the Divine Feminine principle.

Halo considers Taoism to be the root of her spirituality, the system from where she began her spiritual quest studying with her father in her early teens. She has studied multiple lineages in the Taoist tradition, and has combined many threads from her father, as well as Mantak Chia over the last decade. Tantra is the flower of Halo's spirituality and Halo has been studying both the Kashmir Shaivist and Sri Vidya traditions for nearly a decade. She has studied at Agama Yoga in Thailand, been initiated into the Sri Vidya tradition by her Guru AmritanandaNatha Saraswati in India, and gone on extensive pilgrimages to sacred Shakti sites. Her predominant guru has been the profound resonance and embodied experiences within her own body and consciousness.

Along with Taoism and Tantra as Halo's spiritual paths, she is also a Temple dancer of a Classical Indian Temple Dance known as Odissi, which she has studied intensively over the last 7 years in India with gurus Padma Charan Dehury and Sujata Mohapatra. This she considers to be her souls calling as her form of Bhakti (or devotional) yoga; an offering of beauty to the divine. Halo is also a Temple Fusion Belly Dancer as a soloist and a member of the Devadasi Dance Collective along with her dear sisters Monique Trinity Rose of the Omnique Method and Sedona Soulfire of Soulfire Sacred Dance Ensemble. She has been initiated into the 8 Elements format by Rachel Brice, and has studied with Zoe Jakes as well as many other noteworthy teachers.

Alas, Halo has been studying Feminine Temple Arts and Sacred Feminine Self Care as a way of being for her entire adult life. It is her path and passion as a Priestess, Tantrika and Yogini. The mysteries of the feminine and of the womb have been her guiding lights upon her quest for deeper and deeper embodied understanding of the Goddess. As an initiated Priestess in the 13 Moon Mystery School by her beloved teacher and fairy godmother, Ariel Taja-Spilsbury, she is deeply devoted to the Goddess and the Beauty Way of the One Heart.

Shakti Temple Arts was birthed as a container for all of these arts, and for the unique ray through which Halo navigates and nourishes the world through the beauty and potency of these profound lineages.

Alas, Halo welcomes you, with a deep bow, to Shakti Temple Arts! May these arts touch the depths of your heart, soul and sacred embodiment, igniting a remembrance of your self as Divine, as Sacred, as Temple...

Om Parashaktyai Namah!

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.


Gurus, Guides and Guardians

Deep bows and immense gratitude to all of my Gurus, guides, teachers, inspirations and supports along the way.

Infinite thanks to my father Willow Seronko who was my first spiritual teacher introducing me to Taoism and Qigong in my youth, and who continues to support my blossoming evolution in so many ways. Gratitude to my mother Marylou Taylor who has loved me, nourished me and supported me in all of my adventurous unfoldings, and been there when I have fallen to help me get back up.

Pranams to my Gurus in Odissi Classical Indian Temple Dance, Padma Charan Dehury and Sujata Mohapatra, as well as my dear Devadasi sister and teacher Ruth Rhiannon, and all my other Devadasi sisters on this sacred path together.

Gratitude to my Temple Fusion Belly Dance teachers and inspirations, my dear sister, dance company director, teacher and inspiration Monique Trinity Rose of the Dakini Rose Gardens, Rachel Brice and the 8 Elements, Zoe Jakes, Colleena Shakti, of Shakti School of Dance, and all of my sisters in this sacred path, Sedona Soufire, Schirin Diba, and so many more!

Gratitude and pranams to my Guru on the Tantric path, Guruji Amritananda for initiating me into the profound Sri Vidya lineage, Agama Yoga for initiating me into the Kashmir Shaivist lineage, and deep gratitude to my sister Janice Craig of Aloha Namaste for her inspiration and guidance in my Tantric unfolding.

Deep bows to my teachers in the Taoist Jade Egg practices, Mantak Chia and Anamarta for helping me to deepen into this profound feminine practice.

Immense gratitude to my dearest Initiatrix into the 13 Moon Mystery School, Priestess Ariel Spilsbury who has bore witness to many gateways crossed and truths remembered. You are a dream fairy godmother! To all of my Priestess sisters and inspirations who are too many to name, I am so grateful for you and our sisterhood!

Such deep bows to all the great souls who walk this earth, especially Ammachi and the Dalai Lama for their examples of compassion, selfless service, and light in the darkness, and to Maria Christina for her part in my healing and awakening.

Eternal gratitude to the beautiful Mama Earth who nourishes us, and is the greatest Guru through her elemental teachers, her beauty, her cyclic wisdom and her endless generosity.

Profound gratitude to my womb, all of the wisdom that continues to pour forth from her as I continue to deepen into her.

Deep bows to LIFE in all of it’s shades, and to the great Mother and Father of creation, Shakti and her Shiva in there eternal dance of immanence and transcendence.